Issam Ainnasse

Client story before contact with the Skills Escalator

Issam was working as an Office Assistant before Covid and was made redundant. Since then, he had been looking for work and utilising his time upskilling. Issam has a young family to look after and was keen to find employment as soon as possible to cater to their needs.


How were you dealt with when you contacted the Skills Escalator?

I was signposted by Ingeus. Natasha Soni from Skills Escalator contacted me as there was an opportunity for a Customer Service role. She was very professional and conducted herself well and gave me all the information I needed. I was invited to an induction day where my documents were checked, and I had to complete the Skills Escalator form and provide other documents. I sat through the interview process, was selected, and then had to undergo Training that was funded by Skills Escalator.


Did the Skills Escalator meet your expectation?

Yes. Skills Escalator did their job with regards to supporting me back into work. I don’t know of any other organisation where they provide funds for such kind of Training. Skills Escalator have good links with some major employers like NHS and Heathrow and there is a wide range of opportunities available.


In your own words how will you describe the Skills Escalator

I would describe Skills Escalator as a one stop shop to support clients back into work. The Team members have been very supportive, giving me one to one advise, guidance and information. Natasha Soni from the Team has supported  me throughout the process whilst I was Training and then after I got confirmed in my job. I was given information in a timely manner.


Will you recommend the Skills Escalator to other people?

I would recommend Skills Escalator to others so they can also get support in getting back to work. Skills Escalator have a good array of Training opportunities available which then lead onto jobs. They not only have Training opportunities but also provide information, advise and guidance before and after the Training is completed. They also help those who need support in updating their CV and provide interview techniques.


How has the Skills Escalator changed or made a difference in your life?

With the support of Skills Escalator, I have been able to secure this role as a Customer Service Agent with Heathrow who is one of the biggest employers in this area. I will have opportunities to progress myself in other roles and grow as a person. Now I work part time but after I have received my air side pass, I will be offered full time roles. Already there has been a reduction in my benefits, and I feel proud that I am able to sustain my family. I am very happy to be back in work again as I enjoy meeting people and this job has given me my confidence back. I deal with people from different nationalities, and this enables me to learn about other cultures.


Overall, I am happy that I got into contact with Skills Escalator and appreciate their continued support.

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